Why do Adults Hide their Smoking Habits from their Parents?


A Bowl with the Boys:

As Jeff Sessions is on his way out, Cannabis is on its way to be fully legalized. Twenty nine out of the fifty US States have legalized at least medical grade marijuana. The American Dream engine is in a full on roar to meet the demand as Colorado and California dominate this new frontier. This is the time when Kennedy like families go from a life of crime to a life nickeling and diming. Even with all of these public advancements most people hide their smoking habits from their parents!

I am here to figure out why.

Being a prolific smoker I am able to rub elbows and pass joints with similarly minded folk. What I have found hanging with these gents is their true affiliation with cannabis. Whilst we are all regular Smokin’ Joes our practices in which we preach about it vary quite a bit.

Our house is set up like the start of a practical joke so I think it is best to run down each person’s relation with cannabis and their attitude towards it.

The Bartender

Service industry workers commonly smoke grass to destress after a long shift or in anticipation of a slow one. This man is no different. He enjoys the passing of a few joints and the occasional mook. His lifestyle opens his days up to afternoon and nightly smoking. It is not uncommon for him to smoke before the gym or a business meeting. His intake is between two and three grams a day.

He has a very open relationship with his father so it is easy for him to speak about his cannabis usage. When he comes to the city to visit there is no need to hide the glassware on the table or put the Tupperware back in their rooms. This is a key distinction is his relationship as his father believes his son understands the risks of smoking. This may speak to his parenting style but I believe it shows the benefits of having an open dialogue about smoking.

The Engineer

Working with your hands on a daily basis comes with aches and pains seeking relief. Marijuana is that avenue for him. While he works 45-60 hours a week, it is still possible for him to smoke afterwards. His sense of urgency and responsibility negate him from smoking before he has to work. This limits his intake to one gram every two or three days. He still smokes 5-6 days a week as a stress and pain reliever.

His relationship with his parents is a little more strained over the topic of cannabis. They do not know he smokes due to their intolerance. While his parents have admitted to partaking in it in the past they do not condone the behavior now.

He is a successful engineer with many hobbies and yet he keeps a large part of his life out of his parents eyes.

The Salesman

His relationship with marijuana is as fluid as his ability to hit his sales numbers. He is a motivated, hungry and stressed out individual. Working at any sales position comes with certain agitations that can only be assuaged at the weekly sales meeting. The anticipation and stress of the weekly reports dawns on most sales reps and this man is no different.

He, like the engineer, understands the consequences of smoking and still chooses to inhale THC. He is comfortable taking one hit just before he hits the road but most of his intake comes after his day at work has ended.

His relationship with his parents is a little more skewed than he would lead them on to be. He is the second son in his family so his parents put a blind eye to his habits. This is not due to their ignorance but more in their faith in their child’s ability to succeed. He has consistently done well in school and has been able to survive in his own.

Most of his habit came during his college years and has progressed since. His parents blind eye seems to strengthen their relationship. They do not give him as much slack as his younger brother because of his success.

There are many different types of relationships with parents about smoking. The common thread is the lack of smoking between parents and their adult children. I think once we are of age we should all spark up with our parents. It is a necessary barrier to cross so we can have healthy discussions about smoking habits with our parents. They are our mentors and should guide us along the potent path.

J. Whitman